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Sitting BullTipi

The first tipi we put up in the woods is located in the center of our forest, and it was dedicated to Sitting Bull, chief of the Lakota. The floor of this tipi is made of Lakota limestone – and to complete your Lakota experience, you will sleep in a cozy, king-size bed under a warm down comforter, covered with a buffalo hide.

Price per night:  $170  for two to four people, breakfast included. Two-night minimum preferred, but one-night stays are available for an extra $25. Up to two twin beds can be added for an additional $85 per person.

Who Were the Lakota?

The Lakota were part of a confederation of seven related Sioux tribes, located in both North and South Dakota. After adoption of the horse, their society centered around the buffalo hunt.

A Lakota village

The Lakota with their allies, the Arapaho and the Northern Cheyenne, became most famous for their part in the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876.  Their victory over the U.S. Army would not last, however. Fourteen years later, on Dec. 15, 1890, their conflict culminated in the killing of Sitting Bull at Standing Rock. Fourteen days after that was the Massacre of Wounded Knee at Pine Ridge, where 153 Lakota Sioux and 25 U.S. soldiers died.

The photo here was taken onJanuary 17, 1891 at the camp of Oglala tribe of Lakota at Pine Ridge, South Dakota, three weeks after the Wounded Knee incident.

“We do not want riches,
but we want to train our children right.
Riches would do us no good.
We could not take them with us to the other world.
We do not want riches,
we want peace and love."

--Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota
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