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2022 Events

June 9-11 Sally Mitchell Body Flows yoga retreat.  
Or call 917-913-1144

June 16-19 Kaity Rose, Yoga Retreat.  
Visit  Masculine-Feminine Alchemy Retreat web page   
Or call 970-301-6575

June 21-23, Zen Yoga Retreat.  
Email Janet at Tipi Village Retreat   
Or call  541-933-1145   or 541-543-9457 

June 24-26 Private event - family reunion

June 29 - July 2 Jenny Root writer’s retreat. (Poetry)   
Contact Tipi Village Retreat  to check availability.

July 15-18 Ambuja Yoga, Autumn Adams.  
Visit to check availability.

July 21-24 Ambuja Yoga, Autumn Adams.  
Visit to check availability.

JULY 24−28th Wild Woman Retreat  Every day we will calm the mind, heal the body, release stress, feel joy, and find inner balance with yoga, aromatherapy, art and energy practices, meditation. As a RESULT you reconnect with yourself and the healing of nature around you, release negative emotions, fill your body with inspiration and harmony, find new friends and laugh a lot!  
Email Julia Grushenko to register.

July 28-31 3 nights yoga retreat    
Contact Alli Collins 949-836-5532   

August 4-7 Nourish and Be.

August 11-14 Valerie Ihsan, Writer's retreat.  
Visit Valerie's website

August 19-21 Yoga photography retreat   
Contact Mellisa Robbins 603-401-7077    

August 25-28 Sally Mitchell Body Flows.
Visit  Body Flows Website