Chief Seattle tipi

Chief Seattle tipi

Hiawatha Tipi  

Hiawatha interiorDeep in the forest where the deer bed down for the night - and yet within distant sight of the other forest tipis - make this tipi your home for a restful sanctuary. The forest offers a deep healing silence that we all need to retreat to in order to recover our senses from the noisy and rushed world in which we spend our daily lives.

In this deep silence you can hear your soul speak to you.

The colors of the interior are kept warm and vibrant, and just like the other forest tipis, it has electricity - and the light at night turns the tipis into magic lanterns. A cozy down comforter provides a warm bed for all those cool summer nights.

Price per night:  Twenty-foot tipi, Queen bed, $160  for 2 people, breakfast included. Two-night minimum preferred, but one-night stays are available for an extra $25. [For extra guests see "Policies."]

Who Was Hiawatha?

According to legend, the Iroquois had been a unified tribe under Algonquin domination. They escaped and migrated to upstate New York where they broke into various fractions that began to fight amongst each other causing immense devastation. One day the messenger De-ka-nah-wi-da came to the area bearing a message of happiness and peace. He had a plan from the Sky God himself to bring about peace to the people. As he flowed down the river in his stone canoe he saw two men on the shore and went to them. It turns out one was a warrior and the other had run from his village after it had been attacked. He asked them to bring him to their chief for he had a plan to save the people, this chief was Hiawatha.

When Hiawatha heard the plan that De-ka-nah-wi-da envisioned, he embraced it and began to work at what he could do to unite the tribes into one peaceful nation.

“ We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God."

- Chief Joseph, Nez Pierce

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